Belief hope

I believe! So, i do; I hope! So, i live...
- rPhoenix

Feed Attitude

Feed people with Attitude and seek pleasure when they attain altitude...
- rPhoenix

Dream quote

I have let my dream to take me too far, that i choose to remain there forever...
- rPhoenix

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Life worth living as an immortal...

She smiled like the pleasant evening breeze. As she posed, she sat there like a flowing sculpture. At the push of a button, the moment was well preserved. The beauty radiating is effervescent. There simply has not been one moment when she has faded off from my mainline thought process. For many, celebrities are a big deal. For few, they are mere neighbours. But, for every man, their woman is "their  best" deal.

There is evidence of constant chaos in the creation of many a celestial beauty. But, she, for an exception, is an evidence of a celestial beauty that creates. Knowing her was an accident. But, being with her is the most happening incident. To enliven this short span of Life, i am always a student. To master her would never see a muster, for she is so beautiful that i forget to master. *Grins*

What the heart swells with was captured by the senses. What it fights for is to return to its originating space- inside her. Thus, a proposal was made collecting all that the senses has accumulated thus far. It happened to be accepted. The brightest of the days, i should say. To compose verses for her, I resemble playing a piano while typing on a mere keypad. *winks*

Her voice is music to ears. Her words are therapy to the heart. Her knowledge is wisdom to the mind. Her anything is everything to the soul. A spherical universe i see looking at her from outside. As i enter it, i do not find a limit to the vast expanse. A theatrical experience this journey is. The extent to which one can live a joyful moment is when she portrays her gentle smile. Breathtaking secrets lie beneath- those that open up when one does not fake. 

Like a sweet hum that churns your inner self into deep pleasure is her presence; Like a great tide that sweeps the shores clear is her anger; Like an abandoned ghostly town is what one becomes in her absence; Like a blissful paradise is her Heart; Like the fragrance from heaven's garden of roses is her scent; Like the delicate wings of a Butterfly is her skin. Yet, like an impeccable armour are her walls. To have been this lucky to witness it all, it certainly would be a Life worth living as an immortal. -rPhoenix