Belief hope

I believe! So, i do; I hope! So, i live...
- rPhoenix

Feed Attitude

Feed people with Attitude and seek pleasure when they attain altitude...
- rPhoenix

Dream quote

I have let my dream to take me too far, that i choose to remain there forever...
- rPhoenix

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Alcohol... Beware!!!

In today's rat race has crept in another race- the race for alcohol consumption. Name a drink that fancies the peer group and you are one among them. Say them it raises a stink, and you are an alien. Drinking socially or in plain, drinking is catching up among people of all groups, not to forget how even school kids are getting lured into this habit. Of all the guys i have come across, never is anyone keeping themselves away from this habit. Even the ones who had given me company staying in senses during previous occasions are now into it. And, all those who were into it already, have only intensified their campaign in roping in more into their fantasies or fancies. Well, the so called girl-friends or the girls who accompany these guys promising them of love and companionship are the most important people worth talking about.

When a girl is in her prime, that is mostly during her spinster days, she wants a perfect guy to roam around to whom she promises love and affection. But, when you take a dig into their criterion for their life partner, they wouldn't want him to be a drunkard and would say that he should've never been into this habit before. But, when they roam around in the name of love, they would want a guy who fancies talking about hangovers, drinks, smoking and many more crap. Boys! wake up and stop being mere tissue papers to such girls!!!...

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


There's always a someone in everyone. But, how about the someone who has got a little bit of everyone in them? What is the scenario around in their thoughts and their mind? How does it  feel to be them? What does it take to be them? How many of such people do we come across in our routine life?

There are people with varied interests and hobbies and pass-times and passions and ambitions that remains close to impossible to be mapped for further reference. It remains daunting a task just similar to map each and every individual roaming at present in this vast world. Leaving that aside and getting back to the topic, where does this ability come from to a person? Maybe innate or acquired but once again out of topic. But, what happens when there's an overload of such abilities, passions, interests, hobbies or whatever? Do we even have the time to think about such vagaries in a world that spins at the same pace but works several times faster and in a world where we are losing time to even discover or keep up with such abilities, passions, interests or hobbies or whatever?... Did it make you think? Pausing? Taking a moment for yourself? Well, take it. Relax and most importantly think. So, what does it take to be overloaded with such stuffs?

I present before you the availability of a specimen to experiment, or here, ponder about with the above mentioned questions.

The storm approaches...

Born in the high seas, feeding the endless moisture and gaining strength, here she comes. The Majestic one-eyed beauty marching along with the tides, warning everything in her path, taking a sweep that could wreak havoc to all those who are working against her, here she comes along with her fury. Every other force ending up in vain, with nothing standing in line, she is to make landfall on our shores. Appreciate her for her timely delivery, Poor humans, call everything caused by nature a tragedy, disaster or calamity for they know not how much they are spoiling the planet themselves. The power she would unveil, the massive wind-burst she would bring to us- the source that tells us how angry she is over us, the heavy downpour she would bring us- the source that resembles the tears of this tiring and burdened planet, this storm that is hitting us toward the year end. The storm that has interested me out of all the storms. Reason: partly personal and partly because it has been termed as the powerful storm over the recent years and that is going to make landfall right in our city. 

The new things that i would be experiencing would be the hurricane force wind strengths reaching 140kmph and the extremely heavy rain i haven't seen for years. I would want to see myself in the exact place where the eye of the storm makes landfall and i want to be in that place all alone. This is reason enough to stay online and track the storm's movement ever since it was born. The storm rider- a tag i would give myself if i successfully track and witness it make landfall in couple of days.

Monday, 19 December 2011

The true biker...

Two guys, yes, two guys among a thronging crowd at a market street. This is a post about them. Just two guys. Both men are here to the market street. They have no connections or contacts with the place and neither of them are even acquaintances to each other. Clad in a dirty looking brown jean, with a larger frame, he parked his ride (which looked tidier than him) under the tree and was removing his gloves. While the other, was revving hard and trying to make heads turn with the noise from the free flow. He looked neatly dressed, with all bling-bling stuff hanging all over his body. In fact, he owned a premium ride that would cost our other rider a fortune to buy one. After burning almost a great deal of fuel from the gas-guzzler, he managed to park his ride after few girlie rides made their way into the market. But, he never got down from his ride and did not remove his gear. He was flaunting his accessories and trying to speak in an accent foreign to the market atmosphere. He was the centre of attraction and was the reason for drools, giggles, gossips and sometimes awe-struck passers by. Girls walking around were taking a look at this new guy in town and few even wished if they could go for a ride on the stunning beauty on which he was seated. They were literally drooling over the ride. 

On the other side of the road under the tree, the other guy was laughing to himself and at the same time couldn't resist admiring the premium ride. The premium ride, he knew every single component of it but he knew he can't afford one for now and was happy with the tourer he had in his possession.

What are you cribbing here for?...

Unmindful of what i was about to witness, i agreed to accompany this dude (who had just returned from his academic stint at the United Kingdom) for a night show movie. I did not even know what movie it was, what time it was and neither was i bothered to know about it. I just got into his car. We took a pleasant drive along the empty lanes and the finally as a group of 4 we headed to buy the tickets. I am not the one who visits cineplexes quite often. Hardly do i get attracted to normal flicks. But, if there's any flick that makes headlines, i would head for it and watch it. This time, i wanted a break. I wanted to relax. All i wanted is to get out of my house and be out for sometime. In the days that had went past, recent ones had news, online updates and articles about degrading women in movies, lyrics of movie songs and so on. I could make out that it was true due to the disturbing and irritating lyrics of a new single from a movie which was more degrading stuff for men than women. I say, not all women are bad. In fact, except for the b**ch category, every other woman deserves due respect for their tolerance levels, determination and will power which lacks seriously with men at the most demanding situations.

Monday, 12 December 2011

The secret sewers...

They are everywhere- sometimes hidden and sometimes open. They are a mixed blessing- good that they help streamline the waste; bad that they are not maintained properly. Yes, it is the sewers and the drains i am talking about. Those channels or pipelines or drainage lines that are found everywhere in this urban world. Have you ever wondered about their purpose of existence and what they actually are today? I don't blame you if you haven't given it a thought. You are all busy with so many things just like how there are so many dirt particles found running through the sewer lines. Aren't you? Take a moment for yourself and you'll know how true my previous statement is. All that matters to us is today and this moment. Be it good or bad, we do not take time to think about the future (the future here to be specific is about the next generation).

How many of us have the habit of actually noticing the state of the drains in our locality? How many of us have the habit of informing the local body about any issue(s) with these drains? Most of all, how many localities actually have a properly designed and maintained drainage system? There are many questions but the answers for which can be obtained only when we take a moment for each question sometime soon.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Just a Ploy...

Once i held my head high; once i felt sky high- now
it's no more!...
Though Life was a pain, everything was mine; with all my strife in vain,
i don't expect any gain!...
Countless moments of joy, it's all just a ploy;
whom/what did i destroy?... i know it's all just a ploy!...

with hopes of a bright sunshine, i decide to walk in line;
the shapes of changing mankind- i know it's nothing but just a ploy!...
the cradle of my young days; the witness of all my smiles;
the one that hid my tears; i shall bid adieu- to the cradle of my young days!...

with damp eyes i tell you, i never hurt you; with this kind of a cramp,
i can't afford to carry you!...
for all the things i housed, for all the things i saved,
for all the things engraved, for all the things i craved,
for all the things enslaved, for all the things.........
everything... nothing to spare- it's time to bid adieu!...
for i know it's all just a ploy!...

God save ma silent pain...!

God save ma silent pain...!
I walk in the rain, to not show ma pain...!

A new moon is not so mean,
a dew drop is often clean;
But, the few walks you take with me,
in the pre-dawn it makes me feel...!

You are the one in me,
you are ma stunning queen...!
To try hard to steal the sheen,
is too far a day to dream...!

Life is a melody indeed,
but, i strive hard to stay in need;
When you know am hard to read,
better keep off and cull the greed...!

God save ma silent pain...! - r_Phoenix...

In a world where i preach...!

"A sweet pain from within, life is all about living;
at dawn it sleeps, at dusk it peeps;
a slice of it can spell havoc, not even death can tell you how much-
it is the price of staying alone...!

A breeze from within, soothing the pain of living-
a life so hard, with a price so harsh;
no matter what, at the end of the day, i have to pay-
when the eyes go to rest, i start to detest;
for the worst sin to have brought me this far...!

Washed ashore with fate's ploy, they bid goodbye to this restless soul;
nowhere to go, nobody to see, nothing to feel, should it all stop from within?...
the voice is so sweet but it poisoned my teeth;
everything's at your feet, won't you ever retreat?...

You made it all ease but then started to tease;
calling the breeze and rolling it to freeze;
i don't find a point, please don walk in 4 peace;
this is not to happen in a world where i preach...!"

- rPhoenix...!