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I believe! So, i do; I hope! So, i live...
- rPhoenix

Feed Attitude

Feed people with Attitude and seek pleasure when they attain altitude...
- rPhoenix

Dream quote

I have let my dream to take me too far, that i choose to remain there forever...
- rPhoenix

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My green cover...

At the end of the day, with the sun resting and moon standing guard, i am here to give another post to my page. What is it about?  Should be a easy guess. Nothing complex with the topic this time. It is pretty simple and if you guessed it right, i am giving something about my green cover i.e., the amount of greenery i have given to this world. My best contribution irrespective of whatever be my daily or monthly or yearly routine. Wherever i go, i make sure i make my contribution to this wonderful planet and preserve nature. Ever since childhood, nature and its creations have kept me interested and equally involved. I am not of course talking about the tiny garden that i keep setting up within the compound. I am talking about something that can be seen through google's satellite imagery. Yes, trees. The green cover. The blanket that saves us all from the scorching sun with its shade and the suppliers of clean and fresh air to breathe and for me, a treat to watch it shed its old leaves and adore itself with lush green leaves every year. 

I live along with many other pollutants roaming on this planet but what is it that i can do to repair the damage that we do? or say, i do? How can i at least attempt at creating a break-even for this?

The Wanderer...!

"Am back here with my posts, with some really boring notes- to the mind that never wanders, to the mind that never ponders...! 
And, for the rest who want it, you better get it started- read it on and on and on, before this moment is gone...!" - de r_Phoenix...!

Who said anything about limits? Who defined those limits? What was life before defining those limits? How would you live your life without limits?!  Oh yeah! Just take a moment, err... that would be very less time. Take a day. Yes. Take a day and live without limits. Experience the fun, joy, moments and am sure you are to treasure it forever. Well, if you choose to live the rest of your life without limits, you won't treasure anything 'cos you'll not find time to treasure anything but, find time to only live your life your way. 

This post, yes, it is about how i travel without any limits. I don't see or maintain any time schedules, time tables or charts of the means of transportation i would be planning to use during any of my trip(s). All i would bother about is the first and last service of the bus or train in my route. By this, i don't get to prepare a itinerary for any of my outings.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A day of miracles...

Two consecutive weekends and i had made trips to temples i was advised to visit during this year. Now, it was a dull monday as ever. I was online checking my updates. I was recollecting the temples and the visits. I could see what i was before, during and after the visits. I wanted more. I wanted to know more about the temples and remaining temples and their significances. Other than Jupiter and saturn transitions, i came to know that Rahu and Kethu are also equal contributing factors to good or bad for a person when they transit. The rahu-kethu transition had taken place in june 2011. Now, i could put all the pieces together. This year has had Guru peyarchi, Rahu-kethu peyarchi and two eclipses and all happening from may 5 to june 6. That is when everything ran amock in my life. And, none of these transitions were in favour to me. May 7th, i celebrated her b'day in advance fearing the worst and i thank god for having given me that moment in advance.

Monday afternoon and i felt i should pack my kit and start the next morning. I had chosen the places. But, i decided to leave everything to the almighty's hands to complete the journey successfully. I had google maps, routes, temples, locations, distance, gps, network availability, transport options, travel time, and everything i needed to make my best effort at trying to make it a successful trip. By evening, as mom came home, i told here that i would leave by 2 a.m the next morning and that i had planned to visit quite few temples around kumbakonam.

Visit to Thirunallar temple...

A week after i had visited Alangudi temple, i wanted to make a visit to Thirunallar- to the Lord Shani Bhagvan shrine. This visit would be refined than the previous one as i believe in making things better with experience. This time, the experience roots to the Jupiter's transition in May 2011 and the subsequent happenings and i wanted to seek Shani bhagvan's blessings before he transits in Dec 2011.
Lord Sani Bhagvan

Thirunallar is a little far compared to the distance i'd covered the previous week. Hence, i decided to start early to reach early. Early saturday morning, i started from my house to take the bus to Nagapattinam or Velankanni so that i could directly reach the temple without break journeys.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The long pending visit...

Ah! It is the year end i was waiting very badly for to see if there's a change in my fortunes. But, all of a sudden, a visit that had been long pending and that was on my "must-do" list for the year seemed to be shaping up. It was just a thursday among the many thursdays i had seen past during the year. But, this day was special. I was in the midst of my routine when suddenly the idea of visiting the Alangudi temple popped up in my mind. I remembered the temple high priests advising  me to pay a visit to Lord Guru Bhagvan's (Jupiter) shrine at Alangudi to minimise the damage during this year according to my horoscope predictions. I tried to make plans but none shaped up all these days but this time, it just came from no where. That's it. If you had guessed it right, i was already trying to acquaint the place virtually and i read reviews, transport options, distance calculation, temple timings, the parihara pujas, the eateries, the nearby temple options, and the list goes on. If you are specific in knowing how i plan my trip, i suggest you live it than to expect me to type 'em all.
Guru Bhagvan

All plans, searches, doubts and everything cleared and everything was set for the D-day. The D-day, according to the almighty happened to be a saturday. I planned to visit Alangudi and return home. Since this being the first time that i would be travelling by bus, i decided to visit one temple at a time. It was Saturday morning and mom had performed puja that morning and i packed the prasadam as my lunch. I was waiting for the bus which eventually happened by 9a.m.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A visit to medieval times...

Yawning & yawning repeatedly, i found i was getting bored & sleepy. The other side of the mind was calling for an adventure. Fighting laziness & choosing the adventure, I sat in front of my pc, beaming to get details about the trip on my mind. A trip that would take a day to complete. The trip that was long pending. Split into two halves- History & Spiritual, i decided to cover places on a 1st come 1st visit basis...
The plan was to start from home, hit the ECR, halt at Sadras to visit the dutch fort, next stop at the Alambara fort to scout the ruined fort & be there at Panchavati on the dot @ 4p.m when the temple opens & finally to visit Pondy Manakula Vinayakar temple before i head back home. With the trip set on google maps, i had to start asap to make it home on time (9p.m). It was noon when i finally fired the single cylinder beast. The roads were empty but still i had decided not to cross the 4k RPM @ top gear & cruise at 60KMPH. I had also decided that there would be no pitstops. Half hour later, i was found cruising along the ECR nearing Mahabalipuram. In the next half hour, i had reached sadras. Banking left, i took the single road & found the welcome board for the sadras fort. As i entered the fort, i found that the gate-keeper was busy on the other side of the fort erecting a sign board from ASI.

Monday, 14 November 2011

I've got visual...

"What's that? I've got visual".... Wonder what those words are doing here within  quotes and the latter having made it to be the title of this article? Let me explain. Those are the dialogues from a game- Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Predator. The game revolves around Sri Lanka's militants and their elimination. In the end, rescuing the president is the ultimate mission. Well, one day when i was so much involved in playing this game while on my way to Kumbakonam, there was complete darkness in the bus and the light from my PSP screen was beaming into my eyes. I was playing the game to keep myself awake as they say, one shouldn't sleep while on way to a temple. Having boarded the bus at 3a.m, i chose to play and finish off the game before i reach my destination. My team was making it through the dense fog and the forest vegetation and i heard those words "what's that? I've got visual"... It was just a militant finding something fishy on the shrubs but for me these words began to get deeper and deeper. "I've got visual"... It kept echoing from inside and in the darkness and the silence, i began to ponder over the phrase. "What's that? I've got visual.."

The inevitable Braindrain...

As the nation is becoming visibly ruled by fools and retards, the chunk of the resources, being human resources, are getting drained faster than predicted and the dreams of becoming a super power is constantly elongated with  episodes of drama unfolding due to scams and stashing away public funds or funds that were meant for public welfare. Yes, it is about India i am talking about. This is a voice echoing from one of the pockets of this nation and am sure many voices are ready to echo or are already echoing. As a youngster, belonging to the Gen-Y category, i pity the Gen-X, Gen-Y and feel sorry for the Gen-Z. Wealth has been amassed by politicians. Isn't it? Price rise has become like never before. Isn't it? Inflation has replaced Industrial growth. Isn't it? Freebies have come to the rescue of the so called BPL category and every other group other than the OC category. Isn't it? Free gold! WTF! Free mixie, Grinder, LPG connection(with refill cylinders @ subsidised price while OC category pays 600+ for each refill and is subject to 4 subsidised refills a year). Man! i can't even imagine any household that can run with 4 subsidised refills a year. Another WTF! 

Where is the money coming from for all the freebies when the politician B**ches and B**tards are still busy stashing away money in their accounts. Real estate prices have risen to heights that their index would over shadow Mt. Everest.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Curves on an Automobile...

"You gotta be a guy to admire automobiles and go crazy or mad about them..."

Well, i am not in anyway being male chauvinistic or gender biased. But, it so happens that in the 7 billion population, majority of automobile lovers are men. This fact doesn't need any statistical research finding or any other report as everyone of us know it from within that men are most attracted to automobiles than women. Some like me for instance, cannot take their eyes from any kind of automobile that we come across, be it a obsolete rickety ride to a flashy new ride in the market. This fatal attraction happens only with men and not the opposite sex. The reason can be attributed to the lineage that of the designs. The designers who happen to be men, i assume design the curves from the best women they've come across in their lives and when they sit to design and create a model for a car, they put all these wonderful and seductive curves together at appropriate places to make the ride attractive to their gender. Now, all those women who are reading this might just take a moment to check if they are confused with their orientation. Just kidding people.

The bikini ride...

Automobile companies are well-known for their line-up of their vehicles that are constantly revamped every year to stay alive in today's market. As the consumer's demands keeps getting more and more demanding, the companies need to revamp their strategies that align with the interests of the business and serving customers. With these lines, i get reminded of my management examination papers. But, that is not what this post is about. It is about a entry level performer that has made the companies and the buyers to think twice before they zero-in on their choice. The Bajaj way of thinking has always been business and customer service inter-twined. To align to this, they came out with a launch that has given us an all new segment and performer. Bajaj is known for its line-up of bikes ranging from 100cc to 220cc mills. The customer base thus spreads across all the age-groups and users who use it for daily commuting, touring, racing, stunts and you name it and there's a ride from bajaj to match it. 

The Eye-catching 'stunner'...

It was a casual morning and i was scheduled to take my dad's vehicle to the service station. The Honda service station was already filling up with rides that were about to be taken in for the routine and paid servicing jobs. As it was just 7a.m, i was not fully awake and the last night's outing on my ride still kept me half asleep and physically drained for a bright morning. Amidst all the commotion happening with the customers and the service representatives, there was this stunning ride that a man probably in his mid thirties rode with so much pride and stopped on the other side of the road. It's mill appeared puny but the design department was so eye-catchy and the tail was simply sexy. I has seen this quite few times till now but this was supposed to be an upgrade to the previous versions that had badly flopped as against Honda's reputation. 

The new eye-catching stunner here is all about the Honda Stunner CBF. The ride was so cool for a 125cc segment in India. It's closest competition would be the Yamaha's Gladiator. Nothing else stands close to even matching even the specs or the looks. By all means, this was perfectly named, The 'stunner' is really a stunning motorcycle to suit the needs of a youngster who wants to show-off to his crowd with a economical yet powerful mill in its class, sporty looks, the high-raise tail, the semi-fairing for touring, the underbody cowl to add more aggression, the uber-kewl headlamps and the tail lamp that sports a SBK styling and to add on, it has split seats to increase its appeal. The tank graphics are neatly placed with the Honda logo on the fairing.

Monday, 7 November 2011


Love. The most special feeling of all. The love bug, has bit almost everyone in this world. How true is he/she in love? How sincere is he/she in love? How special is his/her love? How much does it actually matter to him/her to be with his love forever and ever in his life? Love- the joy that fades all material desires and the one and only feeling that takes a person to achieve the peaks of human life's purpose. To love without expectations, to live without preconceived notions is probably the most blessed life. There can be no life without love. In every single action we commit, there is love. Even if you hate a person so much, you love hating them. You live in a sphere surrounded by love everywhere. Even if you believe love is fake, blind, meaningless, or whatever, you still are in love with your beliefs. That is why you are so assured that you don't believe in love.

Love is not just the state of sharing pleasantries with each other, living cosy with your special one in a luxury apartment, leading a blissful hassle-free high-money life. Love has no boundaries. It sees no barriers. Love is the feeling that is holding everything in place more than gravity. It is this love that has seen many disasters averted.

Last words in thin air..........

Walking through the dark nights, there lived a young man. Haunting his mind was many a mystery.
As days went past, his perceptions ruled him- taking him no where from the dark.
The darker & darker his life, the stranger & stranger became his strife.
Fears drowned him. Suspicion bowled him.

As a lonely soul he marches every night, while the world takes its blessed nap, he is cursed to walk the nights.
In a rich kid's dream, he is filled with some sheen. But with a heart filled with rage, he is just a helpless child.

While they call him bizarre, he treats them with care.
The questions he has have no numbers to line. The wants of his life were not meant to happen.
When he used to think of how things had happened, it used to rain with no hopes of stopping.
He calls them the clouds that brought him this rain. He dreams of some hope that may jus pop-up some time.
He bleaches them clean for that was his purpose; He preaches with grief & that shows his success.

Sometimes the pain takes on his shoulders; moving the boulders makes him grow weaker.
With a fake smile mastered, he hides his despair; As this world fails to caress,
he engraves his LAST WORDS IN THIN AIR............

Written for myself, to provide relief when i feel the 'pain' physically and mentally... ;-)


Life is not easy!!! life is not easy!!!.... Go on fools. Keep yelling that and it is not my life that is about to become difficult. It is your very own life that has and is and will be difficult. You have been brought up or have lived through your life with that very thought as your staunch belief. Your yelling cannot change my life or influence my course of action at anytime. You can never change from it unless you decide to do so. Keep thinking about it and worrying about your future and you are just failing to "live" your "life". You are taking out the "life" out of your precious life.

Where is that smile on your face? What are those wrinkles doing on your face? Where is the twinkle in your eyes? When will you learn to live your life? The smile is gone because you are in fear and feel insecure about your so called life that is not easy. The wrinkles that should have come on your forehead as a sign of wisdom is found all over your face except on your forehead because you lack wisdom and instead you are subject to your fears. The twinkle that is supposed to be attracting people towards you is a twinkle that is from the strained eyes that were subject to a rain of tears last night due to your fears and the meaningless belief that life is not easy.

"LOVE"ly days r 4ever...! :)

Love those days, love those fears;
love those hopes, love those chores;
Most of all, i love you girl- not with any restrain...!

Every new dawn brings in a lot of joy;
Every boring dusk brings in a lot of awe;
Every single moment in praise of you;
Every single minute in search of you;
I wade through many a reverie...!

Waiting all along, wanting you for long;
Daunting it remains, haunting it became;
Love it all madly girl...!

The news of your arrival thrills;
The news of your departure kills;
The day i travelled fills;
The day i forfeited grills- for, you are the one for whom i live...!

Instances of insomnia, instances of other phobias;
Sustenance is the question, but life revolves around you;
You keep it moving girl...!

In those dark periods i need, in those lonely days i need;
In those weary moments i need- your endless love...!

When i smile thro' your eye, when you run thro' ma hair;
When the world fails to care, i feel your love- for i need it forever...!

With all pride, you strut around like the bride i want for life;
When you are mine, we would walk thro' life's long road with a majestic stride...!

- de r_Phoenix...! B-)

Specially 4 her... :)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Transformation....

Late last evening, i found that i had a collection of my pictures that i wanted to put together to find out the way i have transformed from school days to today. From the year 2004 to 2011, i present to you readers, my transformation. It is just yet another crazy idea of mine to try something new and different. You can try it out either in your blog posts or either in anyway you find it comfortable for you and try to introspect as to how we transform with the times. Here we go.

The 'hybrid'...

Hercules Top gear- the bicycle i always dreamed of getting during my school days. By the time i could afford one, the bicycle was out of the market. Many new brands, new models, new technologies had replaced the earlier ones. So, i could not get my hands on a top gear bicycle during my school days. But, the dream of owning a geared cycle never left my mind. Whenever i walk past a bicycle showroom, i always took few minutes of my time to check the models and keep myself updated on the trends in the bicycle market.

Finally, one day(that jobless day), a casual visit to broadway(in chennai) to source spares for my bicycle, took me towards the street famous for its bicycle dealers since independence. When i was enquiring about new models, they seemed to be going too far from practical expense limits and i wondered if i should even go forward with further enquiry. At last, The man who saw me asking so many questions, walked straight to me and suggested that i go ahead taking a used bicycle rather than sourcing spares and upgrading the existing one. It was always my dream to own a bicycle with gears. Finally, after listening to the man's explanation about the delay that would result in sourcing the spares, i agreed to take a look at the bicycle he was talking about. At first, i thought it would be another piece of metal trashed with this dealer in exchange for some higher model bicycle by some school kid.

Friday, 4 November 2011

The Gardener....

Ever since childhood, or ever since we moved into our own house when i was in my 7th grade, my interest to write poems began. With inspiration from my english teachers, i began to write about nature. There was even a chance given to me to write a poem on saving nature. It was a casual assignment that my english teacher gave me to motivate me to write more. 

This blog is in fond remembrance of my english teach Mrs. Jayalakshmi who was one among the few great teachers who have fed me with fondness towards this language. Also, i thank my other english teachers Prema miss and Anuradha miss. About the interest towards gardening. How did it begin? It was a rainy day and in the property my dad purchased, there was this newly married couple who were from karnataka. Karnataka reminds me of the beautiful rose plants in almost every house i came across in Bangalore and Mysore. True to their reputation, this young couple had a beautiful garden and were even worried about the plants after they move out of this house. As a kid, i assured them that i would do my best to keep these plants safe even after they were gone and promised that they won't be harmed in anyway.

The vroom again?!...

The twin sparks ignited, the cold engine initially was idling below 1200rpm. It reached 1200rpm, a little tweak in the idling switch and with the air filter rubber removed, the roar was audible enough to turn heads. The beast was ready for a ride. She was shiny and the midnight black shade was so attractive. It was ready for the first gear shift. As she revved to 4k rpm, the next gear shift came and this time she revved till 8k rpm, the third gear cruising speed was soon  attained, it was already too fast for the narrow lanes. The fourth gear was great to feel the power of the beast. It felt like a long lost dream being lived upon again, a craving that had developed of late. The feel of the 220cc mill felt great, moving faster and faster flicking the throttle to its limits. It was Ayudha Puja at office. The phone kept ringing and messages kept flooding the inbox. As usual, the punctuality was forgotten for the sake of living the vroom of the fastest Indian. This time, the bike ride was so good, it felt that few more minutes wouldn't do any harm to the puja or the day's schedule. The throttle had so much to be revved still but the roads were way too narrow to push the ride to its limits. Dressed in formals, strange to notice the absence of a helmet, just the wind hitting the chest and the lungs suddenly gasping for breath, truly, motorsports is such a wonderful sport to live.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

An old man lost at Tirumala...

It was 10p.m when i came out of the temple premises after a good darshan. It was also my 10th visit to tirumala in less than four months. Everything that was bothering me in my mind was taking a break for sometime and i was feeling so refreshed and relaxed. The cool breeze sweeping the hills was making me shiver a little but i still had to walk few hundred metres to reach my luggage counter. I was blessed to have gotten darshan the same day and felt sorry for those who were literally driven away from the counters by the police and the volunteers. With the prasadham carefully placed in my hands, i was trying to make my way out of the crowd and find a place to have dinner. That would be my first meal for the day as i make it a point i don't eat a meal till i seek darshan from Lord Venky. Although i have fruits or snacks occasionally, this time i was feeling very hungry than usual. But, the very thought that i am being invited by the Lord himself so many times whilst everyone i knew had abandoned/deserted/ignored/ looked upon during this year so far. The very feeling which i wanted to keep off from felt like coming back. I decided to go near the temple once again to feel closer to god to get rid of such thoughts creeping further.

The rPhoenix's altar is on air...! Finally... ;)

After having decided not to write for the rest of my life, today i am back with the virtual version of penning down thoughts- thus giving to the world the rPhoenix's altar- an exclusive space that will be the datahouse of my thoughts. I am used to scribbling in my personal diary or composing poems in any piece of paper i hold for that moment. But, Blogging- i don't understand the term fully. Yet, the purpose remains the same in either case. So, this space shall be filled with many such scribblings or compositions from now on. Even before i created this page, i had a handful of topics to write about.

Strictly, the topics may or may not interest many or few which is absolutely not the least of my concern as the purpose of me blogging is entirely different.

With that said and understood well, and probably even nailed on the readers' heads, i wish everyone aboard a great time reading my posts. Always open to comments/suggestions. For what i am today, it is the open acceptance of such comments/suggestions*.

*terms & conditions that apply to that star: only from "eligible" and "valuable" resources and not from anyone and everyone who can read or write english. Yeah! They call it "Attitude" and that's plenty here. :-P